Motorcycle Engine Strokes and Configuration

Two-stroke Engines

The two-stroke engine varies from the normal four-stroke cycle by using two strokes, though the similar four functions still arise. Hence there is a stroke power per piston for each revolution of the engine, instead of each second revolution. These engines are weightless, simple and generate high power than a parallel size four stroke while running well.

Four Stroke Engines

It is the most common kind of engines found in modern motorbikes. The four-stroke engine functions on the similar principle as standard car engines except on a little scale. Tha four-stroke is cleaner, high power and reliable. The power comes across a wide range of rpm than the two strokes. If you want to know more details click I want to use this url include for anchor text.


Engines arrive in various cylinder configurations and numbers. Fewer cylinders give more torque at minimum revolution per minute and vibration leads to decrease.

Single cylinder- The engines of the single cylinder are commonly well known. One cylinder normally located vertically with one spark plug is top attached.

Twin cylinder- Two cylinders is one of the famous motorbike engines. V-twins are the common two-cylinder engines, it placed in a V-shaped configuration with both cylinders are facing upwards.

Parallel twin- it exists the place where the cylinders are placed parallel to each other.

L-twin- these engines give power to some Ducati motorbikes, it is a V-twin with single cylinder facing horizontally forward.

Triple cylinder- the three cylindrical engines are rarely common. Though, firms like Benelli and Triumph have created numerous three-cylinder engines. Triumph has focused the market on three cylinders and their latest Daytona 675 sportbike is one of the standard desirable bikes on the marketplace nowadays.

Motorcycle Engine Strokes and Configuration

Four-cylinder- the four-cylinder engines are like little car engines, this cylinder is usually placed in an inline configuration, when the cylinders are aligned one after other in a queue, V and square two cylinder design have also been generated.